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We don’t boast in degrees, seminars, workshops, or courses. We simply focus on the individual. We love CrossFit and what it has done for us individually and for the fitness community. We tailor our programming to each person’s needs. Every person needs a broad framework from which to start, which is what CrossFit provides. Then, each person needs individual attention, which is what CrossFit Old South tries to provide.

Instead of focusing on what a person can’t do, we strive to point out and encourage individuals in what they can do, while helping them improve. At the core of our programming, we focus on postural alignment, mobility, flexibility, and core control--things every person can improve upon. We aim to help every client improve form and function as they progress in their fitness journey. We teach virtuosity, the art of mastering basics first.

We also aim to help advanced members progress to higher levels of competitive effort. While continuing to stress the fundamentals, we help those of higher fitness and skill levels push themselves and master their form and techniques in order to reach their highest potential.

We have members at all levels of fitness and from various walks of life: stay-at-home moms, firefighters, business professionals, teachers, landscapers, construction workers, and college and high school athletes. Our members are a wide range of ages: from thirteen-year-olds training with their parents to seventy four-year-old grandparents!

In the end, we aim to teach. We aim to help each of our members grow and improve physically, spiritually, and mentally. All of us--owners, coaches, and members--work together to encourage, to help, and to teach so that each of us can live a life fully ALIVE!


Jason Daniel

Level II CrossFit Coach/Owner

As owner and coach, Jason Daniel is CrossFit Level 2 Certified, CrossFit Mobility Seminar Certified, Strength-Specific Olympic Lifting Certified, and was a 2010 Crossfit Games Regional Competitor. In the fitness industry for 23 years, Jason has a passion for seeing every person live up to their God-given potential. 

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